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Elena Panina named the goal of creating a bloc from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

The creation of the “Associated Trio” from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova is an attempt to build another “cordon sanitaire” line against Russia in the southern part of the post-Soviet space, such a union of the three countries resembles “the implementation of US orders,” a member of the State Duma committee on international affairs told RIA Novosti on Monday. Elena Panina.

Foreign Ministers of Georgia David Zalkaliani and Moldavian Foreign Ministers Aureliu Chokoy arrived in Kiev earlier on Monday on an official visit. The diplomats met with their Ukrainian counterpart Dmitry Kuleba and created an “Associated Trio” to accelerate EU integration.

As Panina noted, the activities of the association will hardly have anything to do with “European integration”, the chances for which Ukraine and Georgia, in her opinion, are close to zero, and for Moldova are relevant only if this country is absorbed by Romania.

“In fact, this is an attempt to build another line of” cordon sanitaire “against Russia on the southern flank of the post-Soviet space. This is another example of the implementation of the notorious” Anaconda strategy “, the strategy of engulfing Russia in a ring of hostile alliances. for democracy and economic development – ed.) during the time of Saakashvili, and we are dealing with the restart of this aggressive project, “said Panina.

She recalled that a year ago Georgia recalled its ambassador from Kiev due to the appointment of its former president Mikhail Saakashvili as head of the executive committee of Ukraine’s reforms, and restored the level of diplomatic ties only recently, at the end of April. According to Panina, now the relations between Ukraine and Georgia are also far from ideal.

“As for Moldova, unlike Ukraine, in recent years it has been striving to improve relations with Russia, and even under the new president, Sandu does not intend to somehow abruptly break ties with Moscow … Rather, it resembles the development of the geopolitical methodology of the State Department, the implementation of the instructions of the United States, “- said the deputy.

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