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Elena Panina named the purpose of the Finnish report on the Russian army

Elena Panina, a member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, commenting on the statement of the Finnish special services about “Russia’s readiness to use troops in Europe,” said that Finland is being drawn into an anti-Russian pool.

Earlier, the Finnish Defense Ministry published a report on the activities of the country’s military intelligence, containing an assessment of Russia’s military activity in Europe. The document speaks of increased tension in the region due to “a return to power politics.” The authors of the report claim that “Russia has shown its readiness and willingness to use armed forces where necessary to achieve its goals, including in Europe,” this, in their opinion, “increased confrontation and military activity in the Baltic region.”

According to Panina, the publication of statements directly or indirectly announcing a “Russian threat” is part of a “planned anti-Russian campaign”, an element of information and political pressure “on those European states that seek to maintain normal relations with Russia.”

“Finland remains one of the last neutral states in Europe striving to maintain normal relations with the Russian Federation. This fact, apparently, does not give rest to those forces that want to draw it into the anti-Russian pool,” Panina told RIA Novosti.

According to her, it is well known that “the US strives to destroy Finland’s neutrality and draw it into the North Atlantic military structures.” “Apparently, it was under American influence that fabrications appeared in the text of the report about the readiness of the Russian Federation to“ use troops in Europe, ”and“ confrontation in the Baltic region, ”naturally,“ through the fault of Russia. ”It is possible that revanchist sentiments also played a role. widespread in a certain part of Finnish society, dissatisfied with the results of the Second World War and the borders established after it, “said Panina.

“We can only guess how Finnish politicians and military are ready to sacrifice the neutrality of their country to please the United States, with all the benefits that it gives Finland,” said Panina.

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