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Evgeni Primakov: about the “rewriting of history” – a few big conclusions

When Spielberg made the heroic film “Saving Private Ryan,” we spoke ironically: here, Americans, go ahead, have won the war. And how stupid “scarecrow” conveyed to each other the opinion of how a short memory and brainwashing sooner or later instill this simple idea to the inhabitants in Europe and the USA. But somehow they understood that it couldn’t be that way at all, well, the average man, he’s stupid and wants a beer, but it’s impossible to wash away the truth. We saw in this the desire of the Americans to affirm their greatness in the short history of the state, some unspecified complexes. And when Tarantino shot The Blood Bastards, where American special forces crush the Reich leadership in a Paris theater, ending the war with a victorious operation, they even laughed: kitsch, bang! bang! still understand how frivolous it is.

What was seriously thought a couple of years later: after all, the truth was firmly established that the USA and the Allies defeated the Second World War, and the average man lists the allies of the fascist Axis in the polls along with the Soviet Union. And at anniversary celebrations (Normandy, Poland, Auschwitz, etc.), only Americans are remembered, or at best some kind of “allies” in general. And in the European Parliament they make Germany and the USSR equal in guilt for starting a war: they reliably, diligently forget – and they tell you – to forget that you yourself said about the “Munich agreement”, which opened the gates for the division and annexation of Czechoslovakia, which Poland had a non-aggression treaty with Reich, and many others.

And everything went smoothly to hang on us (even if someone does not like the USSR, but in this case the USSR is his descendants, we all are our relatives who perished in the war, or returned crippled, wounded in their burned , destroyed houses, into half families, pulled out the war on the ridge by a miracle) War: cannibals, barbarians from the east, vile hordes of the totalitarian regime, snooping with the Nazis.

But here the key is “sniffed”, not yet themselves, until only “joined”.

And there was one more marker, a symbol: the extermination of Jews in Europe, the bloody massacre that the Europeans themselves realized, appreciated, and for many decades blamed the German Reich, Germany – in fact. You can’t argue, you won’t deny it.

But here, new generations of Germans are already tired of “blaming”, we would like to leave this in the past and not be responsible for the crimes of not even grandfathers, but great-grandfathers. And in general, the time has come to try and take this line: get rid of guilt and shift it to the Russians.

Poland here has become such a battering ram. If the Balts, whose national units fought for Germany and guerrillas and Jews “punished” the Belarusian villages, somehow did not think of it themselves, then Polish politics, offended by sections in the past, felt guilty for how many Jews themselves were slaughtered in the war , and after it – from those that returned to their homes – it was very necessary. And the words “the USSR is also guilty of the Holocaust” were sounded together with the already accustomed “the USSR unleashed the Second World War”, it is better accepted together, since the second part has already been assimilated.

And who supported this new idea – the Ukrainian government. President Zelensky. Which was photographed with the tombstone of his grandfather-veteran. Vladimir Alexandrovich, did you already know when taking pictures that you were harking at the grave of your own grandfather, or after inspiration came to you like this, with a brilliant KVN-ov improvisation?

We see that the lie has no borders, and therefore it will continue to spread and establish itself: now the Ukrainian fronts of the Great Patriotic War have become “ethnic”, and the 100th Lviv Rifle Division – which has become “Lviv” for taking Lvov – “Svidomo” and impeccable in terms of ethnic Ukrainian identity. Who will tell Zelensky that she was recruited from the recruits and volunteers of Vologda, Arkhangelsk, Komi – and this knowledge is not necessary, and no one will object. 322 Zhytomyr Rifle Division – from the Moscow Military District and Gorky. But “Ukrainians freed Auschwitz” – they will remember everything that way.

The Russians provoked the Holocaust: from the forwarding of such a topic by the Polish Prime Minister Moravecki to the approval of Zelensky, this idea will continue to be strengthened. It’s not without reason that our “allies” in Europe – who would have thought that we would consider any ultra-right and pro-fascist scum as “allies” —will nod to this, because the idea of ​​blaming the Russians for the pan-European shame for a new European civilization that will now be danced on the remains EU – will be saving.

The European Union was built (like the UN, by the way) on the thought “never again”, on reworking the lesson of the bloody war, on trying to find the basis for a “common European home” on a new way of peace, cooperation, mutual benefit, which, among other things, also moral – because “we are here democrats.” But in the ordeals of the time, when “democracy” as a term became blurred and there was no one to confront, and migrants come and trust in a common house – the crisis of the “European Union” not even as an organization, but as an idea, has become a commonplace commonplace. And right now, we need to get rid of old phobias – and they will do it at the expense of us, at the expense of the Russians. The USSR is to blame, which means Russia is to blame for the Russians, in that terrible bloody massacre that the then “unifiers of the continent” and “supporters of the common European home”, governments that were busy surrendering here and there, had only “passed”, in the constant hope of “reaching an agreement.” Yes, partly the USSR made the same mistake as the others, trying to legally secure itself from the aggressor in the absence of allies. Have we got a delay? How justified was that? Questions into the void: we paid in full for this, since not a single country in Europe dreamed of this.

We should not rejoice in the “crisis of old Europe”, because a hostile entity will gradually grow on its ruins, now it seeks to rewrite history, then it will begin to rewrite reality and the future. It also happened: these are the rails along which the continent moves. That is precisely why the most “problematic” countries of the old EU, the biggest “skeptics”, have embarked on the passion of rewriting: they need ideological support and disposal of old complexes. I think that Germany is now held back only by many decades of re-education and the fact that it is now institutionally (just like France) remained the core of Europe.

The Polish view of history is not “the theoretical research of the nation in the field of self-identification”, but pragmatics and real politics, which will be picked up in Europe or not contested in Europe. Will not be challenged – this is a form of acceptance, not ignoring or denying.

And the strength of this big “transition” is that behind it stands the most powerful industrial and military force of the world, the United States. Never “rewriting history”, reaffirming history was not a purely scientific exercise, it has always been and remains an instrument for future politics, an excuse for this policy.

We will not indulge in vulgar ideologism, explaining the “rewriting of history” and changes in politics by the fact that Europe has lost Christian values, simply does not want to “follow the path of liberal development,” or is experiencing a cultural shock from the abundance of visitors. Politics is determined by economics. The financial and political elites are experiencing the most severe stress due to the fact that the markets they are accustomed to are redistributed: global competition with China, the inability to freely move capital and manage markets, the loss of a centuries-old military advantage, new resource values, extraterritoriality of high-tech production and The IT industry, the re-nationalization of the elites and the “new state egoism” as a stressful response to new risks have led me to forgive the fact that I’m climbing into the field of Marxism with unwashed hands, a new “super-imperialism” arises, the struggle is intensifying, competition for control of markets and resources.

It is especially interesting that one of these new “small fronts” passed through the countries of the “new Europe” – the same Poland and the Baltic states, which enthusiastically buy liquefied gas in the United States at the highest price – if only it, this gas, contained “freedom molecules” , I wonder how much pressure on the gas issue exerts on Germany – and how much the US is not afraid of a split on the continent along the lines of “old” and “new” Europe. Is this not the brightest manifestation of the planned future political shift on the continent.

Europe, with the help and support of the United States, will try to reorganize itself on anti-Russian (and then, in the future, anti-Chinese) foundations aimed at new expansion and global confrontation. To confront China Europe (and the United States, the conditional “West”), our resources or, at least, the abolition of the Russian military-political counterweight are strategically necessary.

What will sober up the people of Europe, which will fool and drive into a new confrontation with the “barbaric east” for an honest distribution of resources, and rights, for “liberation” and “deliverance from fear”: the idea of ​​maintaining peace and the threat of war.

One does not exclude the other. Saving the world, saving us all from catastrophe, presupposes our military strength and capabilities, something that we have already achieved thanks to a very successful military-industrial policy and military policy on distant frontiers. In addition, in order to present the world with an alternative to frightening future ruin, you will probably have to remind the world of the threat of war, even if it is frightened of such a reminder.
We will have to – without any pleasure – remind Europeans and Americans that their cities and houses, their states cannot be safe for a second if we continue to hear threats and accusations from their political elites, if we continue to see that such attacks on Russia do not find a sobering answer within these countries, from their leadership. Moreover, we should not just support, but initiate any contacts and negotiations, any consultations aimed at reducing tension, a new “detant”, detente.

As for public and humanitarian policy, we need to ideologize it not only with our bright and fair anger from attempts to defame us and our past, but also with a positive content: the same idea of ​​preserving the world from catastrophe. The most valuable thing in recalling the outcome of World War II is that we stopped it, stopped it at the cost of tens of 27 million lives, that we brought peace to Europe. But we must remember that memories will save our past from lies, not the future, which must be strengthened by the same value of maintaining peace. We will be presented with the whole complex of slander and accusations of violation of those and other rights, often speculative or destructive for our society, people and civilization, sometimes fair, because no one is perfect, and we will get stuck in the subject of discussion of “same-sex marriage”, “Molotov’s secret protocols -Ribbentrop, “admission of Western NGOs to counting election results – but we need to give an alternative positive picture of the future, except for” Western democracy “or” Western liberalism “, which are in crisis, which is why the West is looking for a new self to the tension. And this is a value with which it is impossible to argue, saving and organic for us: maintaining peace. And humanitarian policy should be built not by symbolic actions, not by concerts of folklore ensembles, but by practical work on earth to ensure solidarity among peoples and elites.

Our humanitarian policy must be redefined.

What to say about the Ukrainian president Zelensky – that it will be very difficult for us to communicate with him. Almost impossible. Only the fact that this person is held hostage by millions of people and he can still shed a lot of his blood – and ours, too – people, makes us, with clenched teeth, talk to him. But he is no longer interesting. I wonder how exactly the Ukrainians see this happening? That adequate majority is not a stubborn Bandera scum, not a “Vyatrovich” and other rubbish, but the very Ukrainians who still speak Russian and celebrate May 9th. We often think: here are brave people who are not afraid of scum. Or are they still afraid? How many monuments to Zhukov – not Lenin, but Zhukov – were destroyed from the silence of this “majority”? How many Bandera brochures appeared with the same tacit shy consent?

Perhaps this is not the “majority” for a long time, or they have turned into a herd of shy sheep so much that it is simply incapable of protecting themselves and their ancestors from dirt. “And what can we do, you can’t even imagine how they poison us here” – they poison you because you are timid and dumb. And yes, Odessa was on May 2 – and ended in tragedy, which left the right to fight for their rights only to real citizens in the Donbass.


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