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Evgeni Primakov believes that the fight against a common threat will not be able to unite the world

A joint fight against a common threat will not be able to unite nations and smooth out contradictions; this has not happened with past world threats, such as international terrorism, said a member of the State Duma’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Yevgeny Primakov, commenting on the Russia Today’s MIA study.

In May 1945, the leading newspapers in the UK, USA and France – The Times, The New York Times and Le Monde – wrote moderately positively and even enthusiastically about the ally country, according to a study by MIA Russia Today conducted on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. However, by the beginning of the 2000s, the situation is changing significantly: there are less and less materials on this topic, the articles themselves are becoming more and more stingy with emotions, and the proportion of negative assessments of the role of the USSR in the events of 1939-1945 is growing (a trend towards more positive coverage in leading media The role of the USSR in the Second World War in the West was seen only from the end of 2009, but then the general background became negative).

“The results of World War II are not being revised – they are revised. For years, in conditionally“ Western ”public opinion, they have diligently built a picture of the world in which the USSR has at least no significant place in the victory over Nazism, and at the very least – the USSR is equated with Nazi Germany. only the mass genocide of European Jews does not allow such “modernizers” of history to clear German fascism: the idea of ​​”never again”, for the time being, remains one of the foundations of not only the Jewish idea, but also Europe as such, “- shared his opinion with RIA Novosti Primakov.
He emphasized that the beginning of such a “processing” of history could be seen in heroic Hollywood films about the victories of the American and some British weapons against Hitler, and we “laughed at them, were a little indignant”, though in the 90s the phrase “they want to rewrite” the course of the war and to ascribe to itself victory in it “seemed a rhetorical exaggeration. However, notes Primakov, it turned out that this is possible.

The deputy stressed that the results of World War II for the USSR and the Russian Federation as its successor are of particular importance today, it is part of our identity, and for the United States and the West as a whole it was completely unbearable that this world itself could not cope with Nazism.

“How can we agree that some barbarians from the east liberated Europe? And the point is not anti-communism – communism did not bother the same European newspapers in 1945, glorifying the victory of Soviet weapons, can be compared with the fact that they the newspapers themselves are writing about the ominous Soviet Union now, it’s annoying that they were Russians (let all the peoples of the USSR unite under this word.) Therefore, by the way, they are so diligently “pulled out” of the old uniting “Russians” in succession, they write from here about the special “Ukrainian front” (not in the direction military operations, and ethnic composition), when it was the Ukrainians who allegedly liberated Auschwitz, “he added.

According to the parliamentarian, it is important to recognize that in our “righteous and faithful” position regarding the role of the Soviet people in the Victory over Nazism there is an “objective wormhole” – the situation in Eastern Europe after 1945: the Soviet Union really opposed new rivals due to the outbreak of the cold war. True, many decades later one should not insist on insisting on his universal and uncompromising correctness in everything that happened there, however, the recognition of mistakes does not mean surrender to the United States, Primakov believes.

The deputy especially draws attention to the fact that conscious, malicious getting rid of the shadow of gratitude, as well as denigrating the USSR / Russia and laying the blame for World War II on our country, are all the most important steps in the formation of the anti-Russian front.

“We all ended up in a world filled with confrontation – and if during the Cold War it was a confrontation including ideological systems, despite the fact that everyone remembered the horror of the world war – because the new one was just“ cold, ”the new confrontation fundamental economic, not just political reasons, “said Primakov

As Primakov notes, the Western world cannot accept that for the first time in its history it has lost military-political superiority over the rest of the world, and now it is losing the economic one. “This is an unbearable situation for the old financial and political elites, who can no longer freely control the markets of resources and sales. And the loss of leadership, which we call the end of the monopolar world, the formation of a multipolar world (and in high probability – the new bipolar USA-PRC) rages and provokes a new onslaught to the east, “emphasizes Primakov.

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