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Sergey Kotkin: “The message of the President of Russia orients the country towards the development of the economy and the mobilization of internal reserves”

Deputy of the State Duma, Secretary of the Nenets Regional Branch Sergei Kotkin commented on the annual Address of the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly, which Vladimir Putin read out in the Georgievsky Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

“For me, this is not the first Message, and I want to note its depth, content and specificity,” the parliamentarian says. “Vladimir Putin’s speech lasted 69 minutes, and during this time he made an assessment of the state of affairs in the country, determined the main directions of domestic and foreign policy, gave a number of instructions to the government, parliament, and heads of regions.”

According to Sergei Kotkin, the message about the need to move away from the oil needle and develop the national economy ran like a red thread through the entire Message.

“The President emphasized that its current state requires measures for structural adjustment, search for additional sources of economic growth, removal of administrative barriers for business and entrepreneurship, elimination of redundant functions of control and supervisory bodies,” the parliamentarian noted.

In this regard, special emphasis was placed in the Message on the need to continue reforming the tax system in Russia, which should be predictable and aimed at stimulating the economy. “The reform, as the head of state pointed out, should be completed by 2018,” the deputy says.

“The President devoted 25 minutes to the issues of the social block and the obligation of the state to comply with social guarantees to citizens, the development of medicine and education, and this also became one of the main topics of the Address,” Sergei Kotkin noted.

According to him, setting tasks in the field of education, the head of state quoted academician Dmitry Likhachev, who said that it should “give knowledge and educate a person.” And this is possible only with a modern material and technical base and the highest level of human resources.

Among the issues that need to be addressed, Vladimir Putin named, in particular, the need to increase state-funded places in universities, as well as the development of additional education in the regions.
At the same time, as Sergei Kotkin said, the head of state addressed the governors with a recommendation to create modern education centers for talented youth in the regions. “And our youth is all talented,” the deputy quoted Vladimir Putin as saying.

In his Address, according to the parliamentarian, Vladimir Putin touched upon the topic of corruption, the fight against which should be consistent and uncompromising and “not turn into a show.”

Speaking about international relations and the country’s foreign policy, the president stressed that Russia is counting on a dialogue with the new US administration, but only on an equal footing.
In addition, the head of state spoke about Russia’s success in developing relations with the countries of the East, especially China, which Vladimir Putin called a model, since they are built not on the basis of the dominance of one side, but taking into account the interests of all participants in the process.

“For me, in the President’s message, a clear setting of goals and a specified vector for achieving them were very important,” Sergei Kotkin said, adding that this can only be achieved in a healthy civil society, united around patriotic values.

“And the president also spoke about this,” the deputy summed up, quoting the words of Vladimir Putin, said by him in the Address: “Let’s remember, we are one people, we are one people, and we have one Russia.”

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