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Vyacheslav Nikonov: The West expected Putin to declare war and general mobilization

Did you listen to the speech of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief (I almost burst out saying “you are Molotov’s speech…”) on Red Square or on TV?

– On the Red Square.

– Tell me, were you far away from the Supreme Commander at that time?

– Well, about 50 meters, I guess.

– You watched how people reacted to it. Because I’m already told that she was somewhat unusual. For example, Onishchenko said that the president had never spoken like that about doctors, about nurses who, in the course of a military special operation, carry the wounded on themselves. What impressed you the most?

– Indeed, it was an unusual speech.

Because for the first time in all the years and decades of celebrating May 9, Russia is in a state of hostilities.

Therefore, of course, it was about the current special military operation, about the heroism of our servicemen, about how necessary this operation was.

Naturally, the President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief mourned the losses, and indeed spoke of the wounded.

That is, this speech, probably more than ever, was devoted, in fact, to the present more than to the events that took place 77 years ago.

So, yes, this is an unusual performance at an unusual time when once again our country and the determination of our people to defend their national interests are under such a global challenge from NATO.

– Didn’t this speech (you know by heart the speech of Molotov, your grandfather) remind you at least in some moments of Vyacheslav Mikhailovich’s speech?

– Molotov, of course, had many different speeches …

– I mean, his famous phrase: “Our cause is just, the enemy will smash, victory will be ours.”

– When compared with the speech of June 22, 1941, then, rather, no. Because then, indeed, there was a speech dedicated to the German attack on our country.

In this case – on the part of the head of state and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief – it was a tribute to the memory of our Great Victory. And – an explanation, to a large extent – of the current special military operation.

The President quite clearly showed how Western countries were preparing an intervention against Donetsk, Luhansk, Crimea, against our sovereign lands.

But there was some overlap, for sure. (With Molotov’s speech. – A.G.) Because this speech was supposed, among other things, to set our country up for serious work, serious struggle and – for Victory.

– You are well aware of the mentality of our foreign “partners”, as we have said recently. How will they perceive it?

– “Foreign partners” will not perceive it in any way …

In any case, the expectations that were on the part of the West that Putin would announce a general mobilization or declare war … That’s what they expected from this speech.

Since neither one nor the other sounded, then, I think that the speech will simply go unnoticed.

– I understand that we are not military people, but still there are some premonitions, intuition. What do you think… The fact that the special operation goes according to plan, it is clear that plans can change as it progresses. What does your domestic political instinct tell you, how long will all this be, who will surrender first in the West – Germany or Britain?

– I can’t consider myself a completely non-military person, after all, the last entry in my military ID (though made quite a long time ago) was as follows: captain, commander of a reconnaissance company of the airborne troops. Therefore, I have something to do with military affairs.

Well, as for the course of the special military operation, in my opinion, it is developing, indeed, very, very fruitfully.

Because, practically, the entire military infrastructure of Ukraine has already been destroyed. This applies to air defense, warehouses of fuel and lubricants, ammunition, and so on.

Ukraine is exhausted economically. The only thing is that now it is supported by Western countries financially, materially, and militarily.

But… We have already destroyed more planes, missiles and tanks there than in Ukraine before the start of the special military operation.

Therefore, in fact, the military potential of Ukraine is broken, and it is impossible to resist without heavy weapons, without aviation. At some point, it must, of course, crack, break.

It is difficult to say when this will happen, because this is a war.

War is unpredictable, and not one of the greatest strategists in the history of mankind has ever predicted the outcome of a war in terms of specific dates.

Well, who will break first… Ukraine, of course, will break first. Europe – no, the United States will not let anyone break, they will stand to the end in support of the war – “to the last Ukrainian.”

– I can’t help but ask. Every year you go as part of the Immortal Regiment, put on a cap, with a small copy of the banner of Victory there is a photograph with a portrait of your grandfather. How will we see Nikonov Vyacheslav Alekseevich today?

– Today they already saw me with a portrait of my father, on Channel One at 8 o’clock in the morning I gave an interview, including and about the grandfather, and about the father, and about the holiday, and about everything else.

And there I was with a portrait of my father, Captain Nikonov, who started the war as a first-year graduate student at the history department of Moscow State University and graduated as a captain of the 46th Army of the Second Ukrainian Front in Prague. Father was awarded the orders of the Red Star, and two – the Red Banner of War, many medals, he was also a well-deserved, illustrious person.

Well, and, of course, I always remember my grandfather on this day, with whom, while he was alive, we always celebrated May 9 together. On that day, he took on the role of toastmaster at the table. Just as always, he was a toastmaster at all Kremlin receptions, including the famous one on May 24, 1945 in honor of the Victory.

And grandfather had three obligatory toasts. This is a toast to Victory, a toast to the Unknown Soldier and a toast to the Unknown Supreme Commander.

– What kind of toast will you have?

– Well, I must say that in recent years, if I take something, it is not stronger than fruit drink. But the toasts will, of course, be similar.

Of course, we honor the memory of all those who forged our Victory, including my grandfather, Vyacheslav Molotov, Deputy Chairman of the State Defense Committee of the USSR, and my father, Captain Alexei Nikonov.

– Thank you very much. This holiday is really exciting. Happy Victory Day! And health to all of us.

– Yes, all with a holiday, with Victory Day. And – for our new Victories

– Thank you very much, Comrade Captain. And – good luck.

– Happy Holidays!

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