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Shamsail Saraliyev: Europeans are not ready to abandon the unipolar world system

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe refused to cooperate with Russia. This says only one thing – the Europeans are not ready to abandon the system of a unipolar world, where only one opinion rules. It seems that Europe is unwilling to recognize the existence of international standards of diplomacy and European human rights.

PACE, as one of the main statutory departments of the Council of Europe, the oldest international organization initially did not plan to listen to Russia, showing interest only in the financial side of the issue. For several years, our delegation in PACE has been constantly tried to limit, they did not allow us to conduct a constructive dialogue, they plotted. We have always been honest, tried to follow diplomacy to the end, but we were not heard.
It was necessary not to wait until the last moment, but on our own initiative to get out of there!

Those who have expelled Russia from the Council of Europe are conniving with the bandits who have been keeping the inhabitants of Donbass in fear for almost 10 years, using civilians as human shields. It is the forces that make such decisions today that at one time unleashed a war in Afghanistan, attacked Iraq, Syria, Libya, leaving behind destroyed cities, destroyed infrastructure, devastated states, grief, tears and broken destinies of millions of innocent people . We are dealing with BARBARS, for whom nothing is sacred.

I think that leaving PACE and the Council of Europe is not a great loss for us. Russia has been and will remain the largest European country, without which no Council of Europe is simply impossible and unnecessary. Russia has a strong President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and his reliable team of loyal supporters, such as Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov – a true patriot of the country, who will always, in any case, be on guard of our Fatherland!

Russia has pride and we cannot be intimidated by blackmail and manipulation. Russia, as the largest and most influential country in Eurasia and throughout the world, will remain in its position, and the barbarians will have to take this into account and reckon with our opinion!

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