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Shamsail Saraliyev sent a request to the US Embassy about Biden’s mental health

Russian State Duma Deputy Shamsail Saraliev sent a request to the Embassy of the United States of America for assistance in establishing answers to some questions: was American leader Joe Biden ever registered with a psychiatrist and whether he was treated in a psychiatric hospital.

“The facts of Biden’s inappropriate behavior, which he has been demonstrating to the whole world lately, speak precisely about this. Yes, and the Americans themselves have already noticed that something is wrong with their president, and they are not sure of his mental suitability for his position. According to US Congressmen, “the American people deserve absolute confidence in the cognitive abilities of their President.” The British media also drew attention to the fact that Biden’s mental state worries the British,” Sh. Saraliyev noted.

The deputy added that Biden cannot control his outbursts of aggression, behaves unpredictably, allows himself to use obscene language in public, demonstrates sharp and unjustified mood swings, offensive remarks against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“It is clear that such behavior is unacceptable for any normal person,” Shamsail Saraliyev emphasized. – Can a madman lead a country? Judging by Biden’s predecessors, it is common practice for the United States to drop nuclear bombs on civilians. The elder and younger Bushes, Clinton, Obama at one time unleashed wars, bombed countries, killed millions of innocent people.

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