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Sergey Zheleznyak: “Cooperation of the BRICS member states in various fields is an example of successful cooperation of states”

“Cooperation of the BRICS member states in different areas is an example of successful cooperation of states that thoughtfully respond to modern challenges, take responsibility for ensuring security, act from the standpoint of protecting national sovereignty and respecting international law. This is an important signal for the rest of the world community in the current conditions of instability, ”said Sergei Zheleznyak, a member of the State Duma International Affairs Committee, following the BRICS summit chaired by the head of our state.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin, as always, clearly outlined the priorities and tasks that our country considers important for the successful development of BRICS. The main goal for all states will always be a person, for the sake of whose well-being the cooperation of our states should be carried out, ”the deputy stressed.

He noted: “In the current conditions, when the whole world is gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, our country is demonstrating its readiness to interact in matters of vaccine production in cooperation with the BRICS countries. As the President of Russia correctly emphasized, thanks to the use of the BRICS mechanisms, the members of the association managed to respond more quickly and successfully to the spread of the epidemic than individual countries, which, on the contrary, often demonstrated national egoism. ”

According to Zheleznyak: “We see how every year BRICS is becoming an increasingly convenient and effective tool for the development of a multipolar world. Our countries jointly create financial instruments, new development institutions to effectively resist the policy of rough protectionism of some countries, unfair competition and illegal sanctions, ”the politician said.

“Despite the new format of the video conference,” the parliamentarian added, “the BRICS summit demonstrated an extensive business agenda, deep discussion of current issues, openness to partnership with everyone who shares the common principles of development and equality. Our association has once again proved that it compares favorably with ambitious and outdated political blocs. It is important that the BRICS countries actively support an open dialogue that allows developing mutually beneficial cooperation, developing common approaches on key issues – from economic development and combating the pandemic to countering terrorism and cybercrime, which generally strengthens the positions of our countries on the world stage.

“Effective support of civil society and the leading political forces of our countries will allow us to successfully develop investment, financial and economic institutions of the BRICS, which can become one of the key foundations for creating new jobs, launching high-tech industries and strengthening economic stability and security,” the politician believes.

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