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Sergey Zheleznyak: Development and possible reform of the system should be thoughtful, balanced and constructive

“The development and possible reform of the UN system, which was created with the active participation of our country in order to preserve global peace after the Second World War, should be thoughtful, balanced and constructive. Moving the UN headquarters from the United States to any other country is possible if the presence in the United States interferes with the normal activities of the organization. At the same time, such a decision should be discussed with the participating countries and find the support of the majority. The location of UN institutions should not affect the work of the organization and the representative offices of the participating countries. The main task is to increase efficiency and preserve the content of the UN ”. This opinion was expressed by a member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Sergei Zheleznyak.

He stressed: “The multipolar world requires a more active use of the UN new instruments of influence on world processes. The work of an organization must be dynamic, reflect reality, while continuing to defend universal human values. Recently, some countries have allowed themselves to violate international decisions and resolutions, insisting on their exclusivity. The UN must not be allowed to turn into a bureaucratic organization, which can be put under pressure by its individual members. It is necessary that the UN always remains a platform for open dialogue between countries, guarding national sovereignty. It is also important to preserve the unique institution of the veto for the UN Security Council. ”

“Regular attempts by some countries, including the United States, to dilute the existing system of international order and rebuild it to suit their interests, violate the system of checks and balances, increasing the risk of losing balance, including in the field of nuclear deterrence. Unilateral rejection of international obligations, unwillingness to bear responsibility for the preservation of peace together with other countries is national egoism that deprives countries of their stability in the face of global challenges.

At the same time, Russia demonstrates respect for international law, readiness to work together on solving the most difficult problems and continues to make efforts to maintain global stability, ”the deputy added.

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