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Sergey Zheleznyak: “Today’s Address of the President to the Federal Assembly has become very humane and socially oriented”

“Today’s Address of the President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to the Federal Assembly has become very humane and socially oriented, which first of all highly appreciated the dedication of doctors and social workers who were at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. Our country, like the whole world, is faced with a terrible epidemic. But Russia has proved that it is a social state, oriented towards people. The country has united, mobilized resources and coped more successfully with the epidemic and its aftermath than many other states. Despite the objective difficulties, the President proposed a whole range of measures of concrete assistance to our citizens, families with children, steps to support secondary and higher education, science and culture, environmental protection, economic recovery, “said Sergei Zheleznyak, a member of the State Duma’s international affairs committee.

“As the head of state noted, the fight against the virus is not over yet and we need to increase the level of national immunity through vaccination. In the words of the national leader, the key tasks of the country for the post-like period were voiced today. The President outlined a clear set of tasks, the main of which are the quality and technological support of the healthcare sector, the expansion of prevention programs, the preservation of children’s health, and the improvement of the general level of well-being of the country’s citizens. The new program to support families proposed by the President, the introduction of special payments for children under 16, and assistance to citizens in particular need of state protection are extremely important.

A special place in the President’s address was taken by breakthrough measures to revive the economy, stimulate the development of small and medium-sized businesses, a set of infrastructural and tax reforms, and support for the regions.

In all areas of development designated by the President, the Parliament, together with the Government, will ensure the implementation of new measures to support citizens and the economy, so that, despite the persistence of epidemiological problems and the sanctions regime, our country will confidently move forward. As parliamentarians, we see our task, first of all, in creating conditions under which every Russian would feel the care of the state. Fulfillment of the formulated tasks will allow raising the quality of life of citizens to a new level, ”the deputy stressed.

According to the politician: “The message of the President of Russia is a key political event that provides guidelines for the further development of our country in the main areas in the face of many external and internal challenges. The message of the President of Russia has long been an appeal to all Russians. The head of state sets ambitious plans aimed at creating and saving the country’s human potential.

At the same time, the program statement of the President of Russia is being carefully listened to abroad as well. The President’s speech sounded a signal for the international community – Russia is focused on solving our own internal tasks, protecting sovereignty, traditional values ​​and national interests, despite the hybrid war unleashed against our country by unscrupulous international competitors.

Russia, on behalf of the head of our state, once again calls for dialogue, abandoning attempts to provoke our country, interfere in internal affairs, and undermine Russian society. Opponents of Russia should hear our President, who very discreetly and clearly sent a signal – we stand for peace, we do not want confrontation, we develop international cooperation that is important for us within the framework of the UN, BRICS and SCO, EurAsEC, CIS, CSTO, the Union State with the Republic of Belarus, we will always proceed from our interests and common sense. But in case of any attempt to encroach on our country and our citizens, we will fight back toughly and quickly. ”

“A systematic analysis of the situation in the country, the priorities set by Vladimir Putin are an impetus for the implementation of socio-economic decisions, the effective implementation of which depends on each member of society. The legislative and executive authorities are obliged to make every effort for a clear and efficient implementation of each of the President’s instructions, ”the deputy concluded.

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