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Zelimkhan Mutsoyev held a personal reception of Sverdlovsk citizens

Usually Ekaterina Udalova meets with Zelimkhan Mutsoev in his native Degtyarsk: the woman heads the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers, and the State Duma deputy is a frequent guest and a good assistant. But today the activist has a special assignment, and therefore she herself came to see Zelimkhan Mutsoyev in Pervouralsk.

Ekaterina Udalova, a resident of Degtyarsk: “We have now opened another plaque in the city, well, they restored it, so I have to kindly ask Podlayilova Natalya Alexandrovna, because this person is helping us.”

According to Ekaterina Udalova, the activist of the committee has already opened three memorial plaques for the memory of the dead soldiers and every week holds courage lessons for young people. People like Natalia Pod’avilov should be noted, says the resident of Degtyarsk. Zelimkhan Mutsoyev promised to help with the issue of rewarding the activist. A native of Pervouralsk came to personally thank the State Duma deputy for assistance in the work of the local Council of Veterans.

Alexander Slabuka, chairman of the Coordination Public Council of Veterans under the manager of the Western Administrative District: “With the active support of Zelimkhan Alikovich, we have installed and openly memorial plaques, monuments, memorial panels, obelisks on the territory of the Western Administrative District. In addition, he actively helps us in the work to return the remains of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, which are in the course of the work of search units, to their native land. ”

Even during the election campaign, residents of Pervouralsk addressed the deputy with a request to assist in repairing the staircase along Yemlin Street. Now this issue is under the control of Zelimkhan Mutsoyev. By July, the staircase will be repaired, Pervouralsk deputy head of Housing and Communal Services Artur Guzairov assured.

Also the residents of Achita and Mikhailovska came to the meeting. The topics are very different – from deceived co-investors to problems with the construction of urban facilities. The reception was held within the framework of the regional week of the deputies of the State Duma of Russia.

Zelimkhan Mutsoyev, a member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation: “Most people come, you know, with their troubles, aspirations – everything that concerns municipalities. Sometimes, you know, an ordinary citizen is not only Pervouralsk – our whole district, he can not reach either the head or the region, some ministries, some instances, and then we with helpers are going to apply to their requests to attach their deputy requests and appeals “.

Zelimkhan Mutsoev, being a member of the General Council of the United Russia party, also became a member of the “Deputy vertical”, which had earned money in the Sverdlovsk region the day before. Together with other deputies, the people’s representative will determine the “pain points” of the region and seek ways to address them at the legislative level.

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