We, the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation (RSFSR), Ukraine as the states – the founders of USSR who signed the Allied Agreement of 1922, further referred to as with High contracting parties state that USSR as the subject of international law and geopolitical reality stops the existence.

Based on historical community of our people and the communications which developed between them, considering the bilateral agreements signed between High contracting parties

aiming to build democratic constitutional states,

intending to develop the relations on the basis of mutual recognition and respect of the state sovereignty, the inalienable right to self-determination, the principles of equality and non-interference to internal affairs, refusal of use of force, economic or any other methods of pressure, settlement of controversial problems conciliatory means, other conventional principles and rules of international law,

considering that further development and strengthening of the relations of friendship, neighborliness and mutually beneficial cooperation between our states are equitable to radical national interests of their people and serve cause of peace and safety,

I confirm the commitment to the purposes and the principles of Articles of organization of the United Nations, the Helsinki Final act and other documents of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe,

obyazuyas to respect the universally international standards about human rights and the people,

agreed as follows:

Article 1
High contracting parties form the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Article 2
High contracting parties guarantee to the citizens irrespective of their nationality or other distinctions the equal rights and freedoms. Each of High contracting parties guarantees to citizens of other Parties, and also the persons without citizenship living in its territory irrespective of their national identity or other distinctions the civil, political, social, economic and cultural laws and freedoms according to the universally international standards about human rights.

Article 3
High contracting parties, wishing to promote expression, preserving and development of ethnic, cultural, language and religious identity of the ethnic minorities and the developed unique ethnocultural regions inhabiting their territories, take them under the protection.

Article 4
High contracting parties will develop equal and mutually beneficial cooperation of the people and the states in the field of policy, economy, culture, education, health care, environmental protection, science, trade, in humanitarian and other areas to promote broad information exchange, honesty and strictly to observe cross liabilities.

The parties are considered necessary to sign agreements on cooperation in the specified areas.

Article 5
High contracting parties are recognized and respect territorial integrity of each other and immunity of the existing borders within the Commonwealth.

They guarantee openness of borders, freedom of travel of citizens and information transfer within the Commonwealth.

Article 6
State members of the Commonwealth will cooperate in providing international peace and safety, implementation of effective measures of reduction of armaments and military expenses. They aim at liquidation of all nuclear weapons, general and complete disarmament under strict international control.

The parties will respect aspiration of each other to achievement of the status of denuclearized zone and the neutral state.

State members of the Commonwealth will keep and support under the joint command general strategic space, including single control over nuclear weapon which procedure is regulated by the special agreement.

They also jointly guarantee necessary conditions of placement, functioning, material and social security of strategic armed forces. The parties shall pursue coordinated policy concerning social protection and provision of pensions of the military personnel and their families.

Article 7
High contracting parties are recognized that they belong to the sphere of their joint activities realized on equal basis through the general coordinating institutes of the Commonwealth:

coordination of foreign policy activities;

cooperation in forming and development of the Common Economic Space, the all-European and Euroasian markets, in the field of customs policy;

cooperation in development of systems of transport and communication;

cooperation in the field of environmental protection, participation in creation of comprehensive international system of ecological safety;

questions of migration policy;

fight against organized crime.

Article 8
The parties realize planetary nature of the Chernobyl catastrophic crash and shall unite and coordinate the efforts on minimization and overcoming its consequences.

They agreed to sign for this purpose the special agreement considering weight of consequences of catastrophic crash.

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