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IPU calls for peaceful change and dialogue in Venezuela

The IPU expresses its grave concern about the escalating crisis in Venezuela. It reminds the authorities of their duty to guarantee the basic human rights of the people, including those of peaceful demonstration.

The IPU continues to monitor carefully for any attacks against parliamentarians. It categorically denounces any harassment, intimidation and persecution of parliamentarians, especially those from the opposition. Parliamentary immunity is an essential human right for MPs to ensure that they can freely fulfil their mandate without fear of retaliation and in the interests of the people they represent.

The IPU’s Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians will meet this week in Geneva. It is the only international mechanism that seeks to protect and defend MPs whose rights are threatened or violated. It is currently working on over 550 cases worldwide, of which over 60 concern Venezuelan opposition MPs.

The IPU appeals to all sides to intensify efforts, including meaningful dialogue, to find a peaceful and non-violent solution to the crisis, and to ensure humanitarian access for all Venezuelans.

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