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The Assembly of the IPU adopted a resolution against the US position on Jerusalem

The 138th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union was concluded in Geneva. The extraordinary item on the agenda was the adoption of a resolution on the consequences of the US declaration on Jerusalem and the rights of Palestinians in the light of the UN charter and its resolution.

The adoption of the resolution was initiated by the parliamentarians of Palestine, Kuwait, Bahrain and Turkey. Portugal supported the deferral of the resolution to the next Assembly. The text of the resolution expresses the solidarity and support of the people of Palestine in the struggle for their legitimate rights, declares their opposition to the decision of the US administration. In addition, the resolution calls on all parliaments of the participating countries of the IPU to contribute to the restoration of the State of Palestine within the 1967 borders with the capital in East Jerusalem.

According to the head of the Duma part of the Russian delegation, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Peter Tolstoy, Russia supported the resolution and advocates the sovereign rights of Palestine.

Recall that in December 2017, US President Donald Trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and signed a document on the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv there. This decision immediately provoked a negative reaction not only from Palestine, but also from other countries, since such a decision could lead to an aggravation of the situation in the region.

“Until now, protests continue in Palestine against the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and its recognition as the capital of Israel. It is not clear why a single country on another continent assumed the right, in this way, to intervene in the affairs of other countries, to appoint and transfer capital, especially knowing about the protracted and grave conflict in this territory. We are against the unilateral spontaneous decisions of the United States in Middle East politics, and indeed in the international arena. If we can protect one country from American intervention, then we can protect everyone else. But only it is necessary, as they say, to be done by the whole world, “stressed Peter Tolstoy.

According to him, the Ministry of Railways remains the site of a general balanced dialogue, at which parliamentarians of all countries adopt “balanced solutions”. “The Russian delegation, in which deputies of the State Duma and members of the Federation Council worked, continued the dialogue with colleagues in the spirit of the IPU Assembly held last summer in St. Petersburg on the most important international issues,” he concluded.

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