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The Nordic backdoor into the UN Climate negotiations

Don’t worry. You don’t have to fly all the way to Chile to follow the UN Climate negotiations this year. Come to Stockholm and enter our virtual backdoor to the COP25 in Chile. It’s open from 2nd to 14th of December.
Youth all over the world are going on climate strikes, calling for instant action. They challenge governments and demand access to decision-making.

The Nordic cooperation is accepting this challenge.

Save the dates
From 2nd to 14th of December we will create a virtual backdoor from Stockholm into to the UN climate negotiations – the COP25 – in Santiago, Chile.

Step into the door at Norrsken in the center of Stockholm and take part in a climate events where you will be able to follow and participate in discussion taking place in Santiago where the world leaders will meet to solve the climate crisis.

Let’s talk!
This is what’s taking place: The Nordic countries will set up two joint pavilions, one in Santiago and one in Stockholm and connect the two with high tech communication tools. The goal is to create climate discussions and knowledge sharing across the Atlantic.

We shall invite experts, ministers, world leaders and last but not least the general public with emphasis on the younger generation to join the party. We rely on your engagement.
We shall discuss the biggest and most demanding Nordic and global climate challenges.
We shall highlight Nordic Solutions to global challenges and their benefits for other countries.
We shall raise new questions and seek answers in order to catalyze climate friendly actions.
Democratization, not shaming
This is not about flight shame. The Nordic Cooperation strongly believe in both taking part in and supporting international climate negotiations. Without them we won’t solve our problems. But we do believe there is a potential for reducing the number of flights and our carbon footprint with communication technology when participating in global events

Still, the most important part of this is to provide people who normally don’t have the ability to attend the negotiations and who find the whole shebang quite hard to follow from the outside, an access to what’s really going when the world leaders come together to agree on the way forward.

This is our vision
“The Nordic region will become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world” is the new vision for the Nordic cooperation. Under the headline “ACT to INSPIRE” we are determined to show what this really means in relation to the UN Climate negotiations.

So save the dates either you find yourself in Santiago or Stockholm and join the Nordic cooperation in taking action, reducing our climate impact and in finding solutions to save the world from overheating.

Do you feel inspired?

Stay tuned for more information about the program.

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