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Russian parliamentarians at the Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy called on supporting Christian values in Europe

In Rome, the XXIV session of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy is held, in which Russian senators and deputies take part, who will discuss with the colleagues from foreign countries, representatives of the public and clergy the protection of Christian values.

The Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy (MAP) was founded in 1993 in the Greek city of Chalkidiki. Representatives from 24 countries participate in the IAP. The choice of the venue for the current meeting of the Assembly is conditioned by the need to develop inter-Christian dialogue.

Gathered in the Italian capital, parliamentarians, clergymen and experts will exchange views on the topic of the Christian dimension of global crisis phenomena, as well as ways to overcome them. Among the speakers and guests of honor of the forum there are representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament, legislative bodies of several European countries, international organizations and the scientific community. The MAP meetings are held in the building of the Italian Parliament in Rome.

The Russian delegation is headed by the president of the Interparliamentary Assembly, member of the Federation Council Sergei Popov. The delegation includes the deputy chairman of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya, the chairman of the State Duma Committee for the Development of Civil Society, the issues of public and religious associations, the head of the Inter-factional deputy group for the protection of Christian values, Sergei Gavrilov, deputies of the State Duma, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church.

On the agenda, in particular, the issues of the life of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. Russian parliamentarians stressed that the assessment of these issues should be given not only in terms of law, but also morality. The assembly advocated the support of the role of Orthodox culture as a uniting force in Europe, in many cases serving as a “bridge” for Europe in its relations with other cultures.

Sergey Gavrilov, speaking about the agenda of the forum, noted: “Christianity created and shaped our countries, our worldviews, our societies. It was the core of existence. Today we are witnessing the process of Christianization of Europe, where the main traditional Christian values ​​are obscured and lost. At present, there is a real threat that the Western liberal ideology will be declared in the united Europe as the only legitimate model of the social order. Religion is perceived by Europeans as a purely private matter of individual individuals. ”

According to the parliamentarian, inter-church communication and dialogue of the laity in these difficult conditions give hope that the traditional values ​​of Christianity will not go to the periphery of the consciousness of European peoples.

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