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OSCE webinar addresses modern instruments of communication in Turkmenistan

An OSCE-organized webinar on the use of modern instruments in the digital information environment took place on 19 November 2020 in Ashgabat. The event brought together representatives of Turkmenistan’s key ministries and state institutions as well as journalists from the country’s leading print, broadcast and online media.

The OSCE Centre in Ashgabat organized the webinar to contribute to advancing the knowledge of communication specialists and media professionals about opportunities available on the digital information market and enhance their skills in using modern instruments of communication in their daily work.

“Access to information is an important pre-condition for strengthening citizen participation in public life,” said Natalya Drozd, Head of the OSCE Centre. “It is our hope that such webinars will equip communication specialists and journalists with modern instruments which will help them enhance the channels of communication, increase their coverage and better understand the target audiences.”

During the webinar, experts from Poland and the Russian Federation provided an overview of media channels in digital markets and instruments for different stakeholders, , including media, companies and press services, and relations between participants of the digital communication market and instruments for interaction with the public on the Internet.

Participants reviewed the distinctive features of the digital information age and public expectations from different participants of the information market. . Discussions were also held on how journalists and press officers use social media networks and messengers in their work.

Experts stressed the important role of press services and media in providing information about COVID-19 pandemic and relevant preventive measures, including through the use .of modern instruments of communication,

The event was organized as part of the Centre’s project “Support in strengthening professional skills of journalists and communications specialists from state institutions”.

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