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Final Declaration of the International Conference “Parliamentarians Against Drugs”

We, members of the parliaments, gathered in Moscow at the initiative of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for the International Conference «Parliamentarians against Drugs», adopt the following declaration.

Realizing that the world drug problem, despite the efforts of the international community, remains a serious challenge which calls for an urgent response at the national and international levels;

Reaffirming the willingness to consistently implement the provisions of the outcome document of the 30th special session of the UN General Assembly entitled «Our joint commitment to effectively addressing and countering the world drug problem»;

Highly commending the United Nations and, in particular, its Office on Drugs and Crime, as well as the World Health Organization, for their efforts to address the world drug problem;

Supporting regional and sub-regional initiatives and projects on countering the drug threat which serve as an important complement to the global counter-narcotics efforts and, as a whole, make up a single strategy of the international community against drugs;

Recognizing the invaluable contribution of civil society to building effective social capacity to suppress the spread of the drug threat, including to reduce its impact on women, children and youth;

Taking note of the new major challenges related to the emergence of new psychoactive substances and the use of Internet for drug trafficking,

Emphasize the importance of the contribution of parliamentarians across the world to countering the drug threat, including through the timely adoption of legislative acts on the basis of relevant norms of international law to protect society from the drug challenge;

Underscore the significant role of international solidarity in establishing and managing a reliable international system to protect society, including vulnerable groups, from drugs;

Call on the United Nations to continue to counter the drug problem as one of the key priorities in its work and allocate adequate resources and capacities in order to address it;

Recommend that the States parties continue to provide sufficient funding for relevant programs of the United Nations as well as other international associations and structures;

Highlight the importance of providing further support for public-private partnership on the anti-drug track;

Encourage further contributions from the mass media, the Internet community as well as outreach institutions to drug abuse prevention and protection of the most vulnerable groups of population, including women, children and youth, from its impact;

Urge prominent public figures, representatives of the cultural community, outstanding athletes to voice their support for the protection of society from the drug threat and to come out in favor of promoting healthy lifestyles;

Acknowledge the role of the family and family values in raising a healthy generation in a drug-free environment;

Express our appreciation to the representatives of parliaments and civil society, including non-profit organizations, for their contribution to convening and holding this forum;

Thank the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for holding the International Conference «Parliamentarians against Drugs» and reaffirm our willingness to continue the practice of organizing such conferences on an annual basis.

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