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In connection with criminal attacks by Ukrainian armed forces against civilians on the territory of the Russian Federation

To the United Nations, international parliamentary organizations, parliaments of the countries of the world
in connection with criminal attacks by Ukrainian armed forces against civilians in the territory
Russian Federation

Deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation express extreme indignation at the inhumane policies of the Kiev regime, which, in its impotent malice, uses truly barbaric terrorist methods, trying to intimidate the civilian population of the Russian border territories and justify the failed actions of the Ukrainian armed formations on the line of combat contact. Increasingly, we are witnessing indiscriminate rocket and artillery attacks and attacks using unmanned aerial systems by Ukrainian militants on Russian regional centers, other cities and towns. As a result of these strikes, which directly violate the norms of international humanitarian law and the methods and means of conducting military conflicts, civilians, including children, women and the elderly, are killed, schools, hospitals, and other critical civilian infrastructure are destroyed.

Another bloody crime of Ukrainian neo-Nazis was the indiscriminate deliberate shelling from multiple launch rocket systems on January 21, 2024 of the market and adjacent shops in the Tekstilshchik microdistrict of the Kirovsky district of the city of Donetsk, which claimed the lives of 27 civilians. At the same time, another 25 people, including two children, were injured.

Deputies of the State Duma are deeply shocked by the cynicism of this criminal attack, because its victims were ordinary peaceful people who went shopping at the market on Sunday. This terrible and senseless terrorist act demonstrated the criminal nature of the Kyiv regime, which spreads the ideology of hatred and intolerance and glorifies Bandera’s cult of death. Deliberate attacks by Ukrainian armed forces against civilians, including a combined indiscriminate strike on December 30, 2023 on city streets and sports facilities in Belgorod, place the Kiev executioners on a par with the organizers and perpetrators of the massacre in Belarusian Khatyn, on the territory of Polish Volyn, where the victims of the Nazis and their civilians became henchmen.

The State Duma believes that the Western patrons of the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine bear full responsibility for the crimes committed by their puppets, which, according to some political figures, devoid of honor and morality, are nothing more than Kiev’s right to self-defense. The provocative policy of the collective West, encouraging Ukrainian leaders to carry out bloody attacks on the civilian population of Russia, will not remain without our decisive response and will only add motivation to Russian soldiers in order to achieve all the goals of the special military operation and forever secure our borders, our country and its people from Ukrainian terrorist threat. The criminal nature of the Kyiv authorities and their deadly attacks against civilians confirm the complete inability of the Zelensky regime to negotiate, its open unwillingness to resolve the conflict through political and diplomatic methods.

Deputies of the State Duma call on the United Nations, international parliamentary organizations and parliaments of the world to condemn the bloody atrocities of the Kiev authorities, to provide a legal assessment of their ongoing violations of international humanitarian law, massive war crimes and crimes against humanity. The State Duma expresses full confidence that those who ordered and carried out terrorist acts in Russian cities will face inevitable punishment, like any other war criminals, and also calls on all sensible politicians to join forces to stop the insane bloodshed.
But today it is not enough just to condemn neo-Nazi terrorists, although many Western politicians, who have made double standards their credo, lack integrity and responsibility for this. The dying Kyiv regime is becoming more and more dangerous.

Deputies of the State Duma are ready and call for constructive dialogue and interaction with everyone who is interested in eradicating the terrorist threat and neo-Nazi ideas, who professes not in words, but in deeds, the principles of good neighborliness, mutually beneficial cooperation and peaceful development.

Chairman of the State Duma
Federal Assembly
Russian Federation

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