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To the United Nations, parliaments of the countries of the world in connection with the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation appeal to the United Nations and the parliaments of the world with a call to immediately take all possible measures to urgently stop the bloodshed and escalation of violence against civilians during the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and to prevent an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in the Middle East. Evidence of the scale of the unfolding tragedy was the October 17, 2023 rocket attack on a hospital in Gaza, which killed hundreds of innocent civilians, including women and children. Unjustified cruelty and disproportionate use of force have already led to the death of several thousand people. The barbaric methods of solving political problems by armed means have led to thousands of anti-Semitic and Islamophobic protests around the world.

We strongly condemn any violation by the parties to the conflict of international humanitarian law: the use of ammunition prohibited by international treaties, carpet bombing, attacks on civilian infrastructure, primarily medical institutions, energy and water supply facilities, forced relocation of civilians. Those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity must be brought to justice and face the harshest punishment.

We consider immoral and reckless the policy of the collective West, led by the United States, whose actions are currently preventing an end to the Middle East conflict and in every possible way fueling the fire of war in this long-suffering region. Military supplies and multibillion-dollar financial resources allocated by the Biden administration to Israel, American aircraft carriers in Middle Eastern waters do not in any way contribute to the de-escalation of the conflict, and are not aimed at stopping the death of thousands of citizens of Palestine, Israel and other countries caught in the combat zone. Attempts to disguise the complete failure of Washington’s Middle East policy are doomed. Responsibility for the irreparable numerous casualties and massive destruction of civilian infrastructure lies, among other things, with American politicians who ignore the consensus decisions of the United Nations and impose “rules” for resolving political problems from a position of strength throughout the world.

Deputies of the State Duma call on parliamentarians from countries around the world to make every possible effort to stop hostilities in the conflict zone, organize humanitarian corridors, and provide the necessary assistance to the victims and families of the victims. Only by joining our efforts will we be able to stop a new war in the Middle East and return to the negotiating table, which should be based on a balanced approach and well-known decisions of the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council.

Chairman of the State Duma
Federal Assembly
Russian Federation

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