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Decrease in global tension depends on US position in talks with Russia, Duma speaker says

The US should either support security guarantees proposed by Russia or assume the responsibility for refusing to do so, a decrease in global tension currently depends on Washington’s actions, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin wrote on his Telegram channel on Wednesday.

The politician noted that “nowadays Washington is like an elephant in a china shop – it is destroying the system of international security which was thoroughly built over time in order to avoid the repetition of World War Two.” He reiterated that earlier, the United States “unilaterally withdrew from the most important international agreements which allowed to preserve the military and strategic balance worldwide.”

The Duma speaker also pointed out that the US, circumventing the UN, “makes decisions on bombing sovereign states, invading the territories of other states.” Additionally, “the OSCE which, as an institution, is supposed to ensure security in Europe, is degrading.”

“The way out of the current situation, the decrease of global tension, now depends on US’ actions. It should either support the security measures proposed by our country or assume the responsibility for the possible consequences of the absence of guarantees. Washington’s response should be specific and substantiated, without prolonging the process,” the lawmaker stressed.

According to him, European countries should be outraged by Washington’s policy since “if something happens, it will flare up here (in Europe – TASS) and not overseas.” “The US, while conducting a policy of its own exclusivity, does not think about the security of its allies,” the politician asserted.

The negotiations between Moscow and Washington dedicated to Russia’s proposed security guarantees concluded on January 10 in Geneva. On January 12, Russia will discuss its security concerns in Europe, as well as its drafts on security assurances at a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council in Brussels, and on January 13 at the Vienna session of the OSCE Permanent Council.

On December 17, 2021, the Russian Foreign Ministry published the draft agreements between Russia and the US on security guarantees and the measures of ensuring the security of Russia and NATO member states. They include, among others, legal guarantees that NATO won’t expand eastward and won’t admit Ukraine into its ranks, as well as the introduction of restrictions on the deployment of serious offensive weapons, including nuclear ones.

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