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Telephone conversation with President of Turkiye Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Both presidents reaffirmed their intention to further develop comprehensive cooperation between Russia and Turkiye. Their priorities include energy cooperation, in part, supplies of Russian natural gas and the creation of a regional gas hub in Turkiye.

The presidents continued exchanging views on the developments around Ukraine. They reviewed the exchange of POWs, primarily the wounded, at Turkiye’s initiative and with account for the recent meetings of the Russian and Ukrainian human rights commissioners in Ankara.

Vladimir Putin emphasised the Kiev regime’s destructive policy of continuing to intensify the hostilities with the support of its Western sponsors, which are still sending more arms and combat equipment to Ukraine. Kiev’s hypocritical policy is illustrated by its refusal to accept a proposal on a ceasefire during the Orthodox Christmas.

The presidents discussed the implementation of the Istanbul package agreements of July 22, 2022, on Ukrainian grain exports from Black Sea ports and the unblocking of food and fertiliser shipments from Russia.

In addition, the presidents discussed ways to normalise relations between Turkiye and Syria, including Ankara’s initiative to launch consultations with the participation of Russian, Turkish and Syrian representatives. They also noted the practical importance of joint efforts by Russia, Turkiye and Iran to promote Syrian settlement in the context of the Astana agreements.

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