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Alexander Vucic and Leonid Slutsky discussed the situation in Eastern Europe

Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic discussed with the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky the situation in Eastern Europe. This was announced on Tuesday by the press service of the Serbian leader.

“President Vučić and a representative of the Russian State Duma discussed developments in Eastern Europe,” the statement said.

In addition, the interlocutors “expressed their hope that the trend of active high-level meetings will continue” and discussed economic cooperation between Russia and Serbia. President Vučić thanked Russia “for its support in protecting the territorial integrity of Serbia” and also “very positively assessed the contribution of Russian Railways to the construction of the railway between Stara Pazova and Novi Sad.”

Earlier Tuesday, the Serbian president expressed hope that the Russians and Americans would find a peaceful solution to the global crisis. “I believe that Russians and Ukrainians, that is, Russians and Americans, will find a joint solution, and the solution will be peaceful. And then I don’t fear for anything, neither for the future of Serbia, nor for the future of the continent,” he said.

Recently, in Western countries, as well as in Kiev, there have been allegations about a possible Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov previously called such information empty and unfounded escalation of tension. He emphasized that Russia does not pose a threat to anyone, and recalled that all movements of Russian troops take place on its own territory. At the same time, Peskov did not rule out the possibility of provocations to justify such statements and warned that attempts to use force to resolve the crisis in southeastern Ukraine would have the most serious consequences.

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