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Telephone conversation with President of Turkiye Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The discussion covered issues related to further expanding economic ties, primarily in energy, with the priority being strategically significant projects like the creation of a regional natural gas hub in Turkiye and the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant.

The presidents touched on the situation around Ukraine. The Russian side emphasised the destructive role of the Western states, which are pumping the Kiev regime full of weapons and military equipment and also providing operational and targeting information.

In view of President Erdogan’s offer for Turkiye to mediate a political settlement to the conflict, Vladimir Putin again reaffirmed that Russia is open to a serious dialogue – under the condition that the Kiev authorities meet the clear demands that have been repeatedly laid out, and recognise the new territorial realities.

During a discussion of the status of the July 22, 2020, Istanbul agreements on exporting Ukrainian grain and unblocking deliveries of food and fertiliser from Russia, the emphasis was on the need for a good-faith, comprehensive approach that would envisage lifting all barriers to Russian exports.

The leaders considered the prospects of the Syrian settlement process and gave a positive assessment of the December 2022 meeting in Moscow of the Russian, Turkish and Syrian defence ministers along with the heads of their respective intelligence services. The hope was expressed that continued contacts in this trilateral format will help radically improve the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic by restoring its territorial integrity, resolving the refugee problem and combatting international terrorist organisations.

The leaders exchanged New Year greetings and agreed to maintain contacts at various levels.

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