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Vladimir Putin has been sworn in as President of Russia

Vladimir Putin has been inaugurated as President of Russia in a ceremony that took place at the Kremlin.

The ceremony opened as the National Flag, the President’s Standard, the Russian Constitution and the President’s Badge were brought into St Andrew’s Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

In accordance with Article 82 of the Russian Constitution, Vladimir Putin took the oath to the people of Russia in the presence of Federation Council members, members of the State Duma and judges of the Russian Constitutional Court. Constitutional Court President Valery Zorkin officially declared Vladimir Putin as the new President of the Russian Federation.

Afterwards, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces, reviewed the Presidential Regiment on Cathedral Square to mark his inauguration. The President congratulated the Presidential Regiment on its 88th anniversary.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia held a thanksgiving service at the Annunciation Cathedral in the Kremlin.

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Speech at the inauguration ceremony as President of Russia

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Citizens of Russia, ladies and gentlemen, friends,

In these solemn and crucial moments of assuming the office of the President, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the citizens of Russia across all regions of our country, as well as those living in the historical territories of Russia who have won their right to stand united with our Motherland.

I humbly honour our heroes, the participants in the special military operation, and all those who are fighting for our Fatherland.

I would like to thank you again for the trust you have placed in me and for your unwavering support. These words are directed to every citizen of Russia.

I have just taken the oath of office of the president. The words I spoke convey the essence of the supreme mission of the head of state: to protect Russia and serve the nation.

I understand that this is a tremendous honour, a major responsibility and a sacred duty. These have always been the guiding principles of my work in the past. I assure you that the interests and security of the people of Russia will continue to be my foremost concern.

The consolidated will of millions of people is a tremendous force, as well as evidence of our shared firm conviction that we will determine the fate of Russia ourselves, and only ourselves, for the sake of present and future generations.

You, the citizens of Russia, have confirmed that the country is on the right course. This is of great importance right now, as we face serious challenges. I see this as your deep awareness of our common historical goals, and unwavering resolve to defend our choices, our values, our freedom and Russia’s national interests.

I am confident that we will pass through this difficult pivotal period with dignity and emerge even stronger. We will undoubtedly accomplish everything we have planned for the long term, all the far-reaching projects aimed at achieving our development goals.

Our top priority is the preservation of the people. I am confident that the support of centuries-old family values and traditions will continue to unite public and religious associations, political parties, and all levels of government.

Our decisions regarding the development of the country and its regions must be effective and fair and must promote the prosperity of Russian families and improve their quality of life.

We have been and will continue to be open to strengthening good relations with all countries that view Russia as a reliable and honest partner. Indeed, those constitute the global majority.

We are not rejecting dialogue with Western states. The choice is theirs: whether they intend to continue trying to contain Russia’s development, continue the policy of aggression, the relentless pressure they have been exerting on our country for years, or seek a path to cooperation and peace.

To reiterate, we are open to talks, including on security and strategic stability, but not to negotiations from a position of strength. We are open to a conversation without arrogance, conceit or exceptionalism – a dialogue on an equal footing and with respect for each other’s interests.

Together with our partners in Eurasian integration and other sovereign development centres, we will continue to build a multipolar world and an equal and indivisible security system.

In this complex, rapidly-changing world, we must strive to be self-sufficient and competitive, opening up new horizons for Russia, as we have done many times throughout our history.

But we must also remember its lessons and never forget about the enormous price we paid for internal unrest and troubles. Therefore, our state and socio-political system must be strong and resistant to any threats and challenges, ensuring the progressive and stable development, as well as the unity and independence of our country.

However, stability is not equal to inflexibility. Our state and social systems must be flexible, creating conditions for renewal and progress.

We can see that the atmosphere in society has changed, and how much we now value reliability, responsibility, sincerity, integrity, generosity and courage. I will do everything in my power to ensure that those who have displayed these admirable human and professional traits, and who have proved their loyalty to the Fatherland through their deeds, achieve leading positions in state governance, the economy and all other spheres.

We must ensure reliable continuity in the development of our country for decades to come and bring up new generations who will strengthen Russia’s might and develop our state based on interethnic accord, the preservation of the traditions of all ethnic groups living in Russia, a civilisational nation united by the Russian language and our multi-ethnic culture.


I will do everything its takes, everything I can, to justify your confidence in me, using the powers granted to me as the head of state by the Constitution. At the same time, I would like to emphasise that the success of this endeavour depend above all on our unity, integrity and our desire to serve our Fatherland, protect it, and work to the best of our abilities.

Today, we must answer to our thousand-year-long history and our predecessors. They attained seemingly insurmountable heights because they always put the country first. They knew that truly challenging goals can only be achieved together with the country and its people, and they created a great power, our Fatherland, leaving a legacy of glorious achievements from which we continue to draw inspiration today.

We look forward with confidence and plan our future by outlining and already carrying out new projects and programmes, which are designed to inject even more momentum in our development effort and make it even stronger.

We stand as a united and great nation. Together we will overcome all obstacles and ensure that everything we conceive becomes reality. Together we win!

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