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The meeting of the Committee on Foreign Affairs

The Committee on Foreign Affairs recommended the adoption of Bill No. 938508-7 “On Amendments to Article 36 of the Federal Law“ Consular Charter of the Russian Federation ”on first reading. The question is proposed to be submitted to the State Duma on June 23.

As the Chairman of the Committee Leonid Slutsky explained, the amendments fill the existing legislative gap and establish a mechanism for the return of excessively or erroneously paid consular fees and payments in respect of reimbursement of actual expenses. “The procedure for calculating fees is established by article 36 of the Consular Charter, while the conditions and algorithm for the return of excessively paid funds are not yet provided for by law,” he explained.

According to the accompanying materials, fees will also be refunded in case of refusal to perform certain types of consular activities, including a notary public or the issuance of a passport. An exception to this is payments for state registration of marriage or its dissolution, name changes. If subsequently such acts of civil status were not registered, a refund is not provided.

“The bill will cover legal relationships affecting several thousand applicants annually. In particular, in 2019, only the number of refusals by consular officials to issue passports of a citizen of the Russian Federation in cases stipulated by law was 446, ”the explanatory note says.

The draft law was introduced by the Russian government.

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