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EU summit decisions a proof of Brussels’ confrontational policy — Foreign Ministry

The decisions of the EU summit have confirmed the confrontational nature of the European Union’s policy, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Saturday.

“The decisions adopted at the EU Council meeting have again confirmed the confrontational nature of the European Union’s policy,” Zakharova said in response to a media question from the media, published on the Russian Foreign Ministry website.

According to the diplomat, the European Union is transforming into “a space of lawlessness” where the rights of citizens and investors are violated.

“It is regrettable that the European Union, which declared itself the main guardian of the rules-based order, is increasingly evolving into a space of lawlessness where it is allowed, for political reasons, not to respect the rights of foreign investors and foreigners,” the diplomat said.

The most obvious example, as Zakharova pointed out, is the EU reaction to the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage.

“The conclusions of the European Council do not contain a single word about the need for a relevant investigation, which can show just one thing – the persistent unwillingness to find out who is behind the terrorist attacks against the largest European infrastructure object, which was built to ensure real, rather than imaginary, energy security of the EU member states,” the statement says.

Zakharova added that Moscow sees the West’s accusations that Russia is shelling Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure as hypocritical.

“We find the accusations that Russia is ‘shelling Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure’ as utterly hypocritical. The European Union has lost the moral right to say anything about war crimes, since over eight years it had been turning a blind eye to killings of civilians, women and children as a result of the Kiev regime’s shelling of the Donbass territories,” Zakharova stressed.

The diplomat added that the EU is not willing to find a peaceful solution to the Ukraine conflict.

“We see that the EU does not show any willingness to resolve the conflict peacefully. On the contrary, they continue to thoughtlessly invest considerable funds to protracted hostilities. For this purpose are aimed the decisions on additional (another 500 million euros) funding for arms supplies to the Ukrainian armed forces and on establishing an EU mission on military support for Ukraine,” the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman concluded.

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