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Foreign Ministry statement on responding to the 9th EU package of sanctions on Russia

The EU continues to use unilateral restrictive measures to put pressure on Russia. On December 16, 2022, the EU countries adopted the 9th package of sanctions. We consider these EU moves illegitimate and believe they undermine the UN Security Council international legal prerogatives.

The European Parliament, which at its November 23, 2022 meeting, approved the resolution on recognising the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism, is pursuing aggressive anti-Russia policies as well. Once again, the Western political community, which has since 2014 turned a blind eye to the killing of Donbass residents by the Kiev forces, has demonstrated its adherence to double standards.

In response to these unfriendly actions, Russia has expanded the list of representatives of European institutions and EU member states, who, under Federal Law No. 114-FZ On the Procedure for Entering and Exiting the Russian Federation dated August 15, 1996, are denied entry to our country.

We are talking about senior officials from military agencies of the EU countries who are involved in training the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of the EU mission to provide military assistance to Ukraine, European state-run and commercial entities that manufacture and supply weapons and military equipment to the Kiev regime, as well as citizens from the EU countries who engage in systematic public anti-Russian rhetoric. The restrictions apply to individual members of the European Parliament as well.

This is to reiterate that any and all unfriendly actions by Western countries will be met with a timely and commensurate response.

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