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Foreign observers praised organization of elections in Russia

French observers higly praised the organizers of the Russian elections, TASS reports. MEP Jean-Lin LaCapelle has no doubts that the West can learn a lot from Russia in this regard. The French politician followed the elections in St. Petersburg for three days.

He was very impressed with the measures aimed at ensuring that people with reduced mobility could participate in the elections. Such voters could vote both at home and at polling stations, the observer explained.

Thierry Mariani, another member of the European Parliament, who led the observer delegation, noted that the Russian authorities were strengthening security measures every year. Mariani had been an observer to the Russian elections for almost 10,5 years. This time, he stressed, video surveillance was installed at the sites. In many countries, including France, there are no such cameras, the politician said.

French Senator Stéphane Ravier was impressed by the high level of involvement of young people in election observation. He added that a “truly democratic process” was taking place in the St. Petersburg polling stations.

Serbian politician Dusan Petrovic, who was an observer in Crimea, called the elections exemplary.

Observers from various European countries, including France and Serbia, visited Sevastopol, Simferopol and Yalta.

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