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Iran seeks firm restoration of JCPOA, Raisi says

Tehran advocates firm restoration of the nuclear deal between Iran and the “5+1” group – preferably in a form that would prevent the US from once again withdrawing from the achieved agreements unilaterally, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said in an interview for CBS Sunday.

“If it’s a good deal and fair deal, we would be serious about reaching an agreement. It needs to be lasting. There needs to be guarantees. If there were a guarantee, then the Americans could not withdraw from the deal,” Raisi said, according to CBS.

The CBS reporter noted that Iran potentially can withdraw from the deal as well.

“You see, the Americans broke their promises. They did it unilaterally. They said that, ‘I am out of the deal.’ Now making promises is becoming meaningless,” Raisi said. “We cannot trust the Americans because of the behavior that we have already seen from them. That is why if there is no guarantee, there is no trust.”

He assured that Tehran’s doctrines do not imply possession of nuclear weapons. He also confirmed that Iran is ready to discuss exchange of prisoners with the US.

“It can be conducted separately from the nuclear talks. It can be done between the two countries. It is a humanitarian issue. This can be negotiated,” the President noted.

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