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Kremlin dismisses isolation of Russia as impossible

The isolation of Russia, even as far as technology goes, is impossible, despite such schemes by unfriendly countries, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday.

“No one is talking about isolation. It is impossible to isolate Russia, despite the fact that countries unfriendly, or rather hostile to us, are trying to isolate us economically, politically, and in the sphere of trade. They cannot and will not succeed, because in today’s world it is impossible to isolate a country, especially such a huge country like Russia.”

The Kremlin spokesman also stressed that no country would want to isolate itself.

When commenting on the RBC news column by Russian Special Presidential Envoy for Digital Development Dmitry Peskov on the need to strengthen the country’s digital and technological sovereignty, the Kremlin spokesman called his namesake “a proven expert who holds fairly wide clout and is a strong authority in his field.”

“Now everyone is expressing different points of view on the subject of our technological and economic sovereignty. In general, because everything is changing in the world, in politics, security, trade, and in the economy, so everyone is interested in this issue. This is an issue for discussion. I am sure that this topic will be widely discussed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum as well,” the Kremlin spokesman concluded.

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