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On the investigation of crimes committed by British soldiers in Afghanistan

We took notice of reports on the launch of an official independent investigation, announced in December 2022, into military crimes committed by British soldiers in Afghanistan.

The case touched on, in particular, the high-profile murder of 54 Afghani civilians by Special Air Service soldiers; previously the investigation had been closed without any charges being brought forth. Additionally, an evidence-gathering process was launched in relation to, as outlined by head of the investigation and member of the House of Lords Charles Haddon-Cave, “multiple” executions committed by the UK armed forces during a campaign in Afghanistan in the period up to 2013, the facts of which were further suppressed by top officials of the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom.

Information on these events is contained in the White Book on Facts of Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan Caused by Unlawful Acts of the US and Its Allies, which is published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. It should be noted that such crimes in Afghanistan were, unfortunately, committed not only by representatives of the United Kingdom – another Australian military has recently been charged with killing a civilian in Afghanistan. The bold attempts to conceal these facts seem to have given birth among Western militaries to the feeling of anything-goes and impunity toward local civilians.

We expect to finally witness an impartial and a transparent investigation with a specific result – punishment of all those involved in the crimes of these militaries. The relatives of the deceased and aggrieved Afghans must see justice served.

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