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On the investigation of the crimes of the British military in Afghanistan

We took note of reports about the launch of an official independent investigation into war crimes against British military personnel on Afghan territory, announced back in December 2022.

We are talking, in particular, about a resonant story – the murder of 54 Afghan citizens by fighters of a special forces unit (SAS), the proceedings on which were previously closed without charge. In addition, the collection of evidence began regarding the “numerous” executions committed by the armed forces of Great Britain, as emphasized directly by the head of the investigation, member of the House of Lords Ch. facts data.

Information about these events is contained in the White Paper published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry on the facts of the death of the civilian population of Afghanistan as a result of the illegal actions of the United States and its allies. It is worth noting that such crimes in Afghanistan were committed, unfortunately, by representatives not only of the United Kingdom. Recently, in particular, another Australian soldier was charged with the murder of a civilian in Afghanistan. Apparently, the brazen attempts to hide these facts gave the Western military a sense of permissiveness and impunity in relation to the local population.

We hope to finally witness an impartial and transparent investigation with a concrete result – the punishment of the servicemen involved in the crimes. Relatives of the dead and injured Afghans must wait for justice.

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