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Press release on developments in the Middle East

The crisis in the Middle East is escalating. Shelling of Israeli territory continues, as well as rocket and bomb attacks on the northern and other parts of the Gaza Strip, and armed incidents along the Blue Line between Lebanon and Israel. The death toll and the number of wounded are rising, prompting massive protests around the world.

In this context, we strongly recommend that citizens of the Russian Federation refrain from traveling to the region, especially to Israel, Lebanon, Jordan or the Palestinian territories. If you must travel to those countries, please observe extreme caution and take heightened personal safety measures; avoid areas of clashes and risks, and follow the recommendations of the local authorities, as well as reports from Russia’s overseas missions.

Russia continues to work closely with the authorities in Egypt and Israel to evacuate Russian citizens who have applied for assistance from the Gaza Strip.

We are constantly monitoring the flights situation in the region. There are opportunities to leave Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and other countries using regular flights. About 6,000 people have returned to Russia from Tel Aviv using regular airlines since October 9.

Following the Russian President’s instruction, on October 19, a special flight of the Russian Emergencies Ministry delivered humanitarian aid (a total of 27 tonnes of flour, sugar, rice and other food) to El Arish Airport, Egypt, which was handed over to representatives of the Egyptian Red Crescent Society for the people of Gaza. This is yet another confirmation of Russia’s readiness to provide a prompt humanitarian response.

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