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Cross-border cooperation programs

The Russia-EU cross-border cooperation programs for the period 2014-2020 are a continuation of the implementation of cross-border cooperation programs for the period 2007-2013. The aim of cross-border cooperation programs is to strengthen territorial integration by supporting regional cooperation between the border territories of the EU member states and Russia.

Among successful practices of the previous programming period (2007-2013) there is the “Baltic Amber Coast” project. Development of the border territory through construction and modernization of tourism infrastructure. Part II “within the framework of the” Lithuania-Poland-Russia”cross-border cooperation.

The overall objective of the project was to increase the tourist potential of the territory through development of tourist infrastructure in the municipality of Yantarny and its integration into a network of tourist routes.

During the project implementation of the following activities was:

1. Construction of the sea promenade in the lagoon of the Yantarny village – total length – 2000 meters. As a result of this work a wooden promenade was built near the village of Yantarny on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

2. Mass public events, such as conferences, regatta and open-air festival in the Yantarny village.

According to a new tourist studycreation of a new tourist infrastructure, resulted in an increase number of tourists. New enterprises of the tourism industry and new workplaces are on the way. This will have a positive impact on local economic development.

Municipalities of the Kaliningrad region actively participated in implementation of the programs of the cross-border cooperation.

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