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Leonid Slutsky commented on the prospects for Russian-Ukrainian relations

About how Russia intends to build relations with the new Ukrainian authorities and the West supporting them, the chairman of the State Duma committee on CIS affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots LEONID SLUTSKY told the correspondent of Kommersant, MARIA EFIMOVA.

– When does Russia officially recognize the legitimacy of the new Ukrainian authorities?

“These bandits can not be recognized as legitimate authorities.” From the point of view of constitutional law, their decision to return to the 2004 constitution is illegal. They rudely violated the February 21 agreement on the settlement of the crisis, signed by the authorities and the opposition and initialed by the Foreign Ministers of France, Germany and Poland. They did not allow the lawful president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich to fulfill even the first point of the agreement. These people adopted a law on depriving the Russian language of regional status.

– But, obviously, they still have to deal with them after the elections?

– If there is constitutional reform, then a nationwide referendum, and then a national presidential election and the new president of Ukraine will be Arseniy Yatsenyuk, or Oleg Tyagnybok, or Vitali Klitschko, then, of course, we will cooperate with this team. But the Ukrainian people should vote for them.

– Will it not turn out that Moscow, having taken an irreconcilable position, will spoil relations with Kiev in advance?

“We will not spoil relations with fraternal Ukraine, but as for militant thugs, we do not need relations with them.”

– The West has already established relations with the new authorities and calls on Russia to discuss the future of Ukraine together. Is this possible?

“We can establish a constructive dialogue with those forces in the West who believe, as analysts at the Global Research Center, that by abandoning the unprofitable association agreement with the EU, Ukraine” evaded the bullet. ”

– It seems that the other point of view prevails. US Secretary of State John Kerry warned that Moscow could lose its place in the G8.

– The US is still in captivity of the concept of Zbigniew Brzezinski that the new world order is created by America on the wreckage of Russia and against Russia. Under this concept, with Ukraine, Russia is a superpower. That is why, as soon as the prospect of Kiev joining the Customs Union loomed, crowds of Western heavyweight politicians rushed to the Maidan and supported the opposition, including the right-wing nationalists, who allegedly were for Europe and against Russia.

The West, chasing a unipolar world order, does not understand what kind of people came to power in Kiev and whether these people can be trusted. Barack Obama recently said that Russia will pay dearly for its policy in Ukraine. It seems that the American president has sided with forces that see Russia as the main enemy in the way of establishing a unipolar world. We do not need relations with these forces.

– The new authorities of Ukraine are ready to sign an association agreement. Will this affect the settlement of relations with Russia?

“We do not recognize the agreement signed by the illegitimate authorities.”

– How will the situation in the Crimea affect the prospects for the Russian Black Sea Fleet to stay there?

“Our stay there is in full accordance with the norms of international law, concluded agreements and the Russian constitution.” Now the president has the opportunity at any time to introduce troops to the Crimea.

And if, God forbid, something will threaten the Black Sea Fleet, it will happen. If militant radicals show aggression, we will protect our compatriots, Crimeans and the objects of the Black Sea Fleet.

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