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Svetlana Zhurova: “The sports world must unite in the fight against doping”

Russia should not become a rogue country because of doping scandals in sports, but should equally with all countries fight against doping. Such an opinion of TASS was expressed by the Olympic champion, State Duma deputy Svetlana Zhurova.

On Monday, an independent commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) presented a report on the results of the investigation of allegations of doping fraud at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. The Commission, led by Richard McLaren, claims to have found evidence of support from the Russian Ministry of Sport, the Sports Training Center (DSP) of the Russian national teams and the FSB of the doping program in Russian sports. The commission also revealed that the system of concealing positive doping tests in the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory operated from the end of 2011 until August 2015.

“Public opinion is heated abroad, and it remains for us to react and comment, dividing into some camps, some conflicting parties that adhere to some different principles. This topic has agitated everyone and adversely affects society. In the fight against doping, we also need to unite, and not make one country an outcast, “Zhurova said.

“All this is done on purpose, but I personally feel insulted, because I know how much was done to combat doping and that the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee were fulfilled,” she continued. “But no one reads Russia’s positive reports on the work done.” Once again, the world community, those who live on the other side of the border, have thrown in a dose of negative information. ”

Zhurova stressed that she was outraged by WADA’s attack on the Paralympic sport in Russia. “I was outraged that the question was raised also by the Paralympic athletes. What is it, if to them even the claims were not, because this is a completely different committee. Is it because the USADA (Anti-Doping Agency of the USA) appeals to the Paralympic athletes, what can we objectively win by showing that Russia is working with Paralympic sports? “- she summed up.

The head of the State Duma Committee on Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Procedural Legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov advocates that the Russian side ask the independent WADA Commission to present the evidence that was used in the report presented today.

“First, we should pay attention to the fact that the report was made shortly before the Olympics in Brazil. Secondly, we need to demand all the information, all the evidence, which is mentioned, but which have not been submitted so far, “Krasheninnikov told TASS on Monday, commenting on McClaren’s words.

According to him, if the evidence really exists, then they need to be considered and taken. “But, most likely, nothing will be provided. Therefore, we can talk only about the political motivation of the report and absolute pressure – both political and sports – on Russia, on our sports federations and on our athletes in the run-up to the Olympics, “Krasheninnikov said.

In his opinion, the statements made during the presentation of the report “are absolutely political underpinning.”

In addition, as Krasheninnikov pointed out, “preparing a report based on the testimony of former head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory Grigory Rodchenkov, against whom a criminal case has been opened in Russia, is simply outrageous.” “I wonder how such people are allowed to go to the microphone. Obviously, this is the discrediting of the Olympic movement in its pure form, “Krasheninnikov added.

Member of the State Duma Committee for Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs Vasily Shestakov believes that the possible removal of Russian athletes from the Olympics in Brazil and other international competitions will make these competitions inferior and will launch the process of the collapse of the Olympic movement.

“If a real attempt is made to remove Russia from participating in international sports competitions, including the Olympics, it will not be the Olympic Games, but international competitions will turn into small townships,” Shestakov said. He is convinced that “you can not just take and exclude one of the world’s leading sports powers from the competitive process.” “I think that this is just stupid and will be an irreplaceable blow to world sports,” the deputy warned. “Tomorrow they will want to remove China, the day after tomorrow – someone else,” he did not rule out.

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