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Today we held a large-scale Forum for promoting NWOs “Shoulder to Shoulder”

Today we held a large-scale Forum for promoting the Northern Military District “Shoulder to Shoulder”, where, under the auspices of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, together with our friends from the Rokot Center 33, more than 2.5 thousand caring people from 81 regions of the country gathered, every day in the rear bringing Victory closer.

At the forum exhibition, various drones were presented – from handicraft production to large-scale scientific and technical developments, as well as communications equipment, electronic defense and much more. The Schweibats, who give their maternal warmth to the fighters, showed their products: clothes, food, camouflage nets, stretchers and other products.

The forum has indeed become a platform for communication, strengthening ties, and joint developments. People met, agreed on cooperation, and shared their experiences. We managed to gather on one site volunteers, engineers, manufacturers – talented “Kulibins”, military correspondents, soldiers and representatives of the Ministry of Defense. Everyone was able to express their opinion, find partners, and find out how their products work at the front.

Thousands of caring patriots, the consolidation of Russian society, which has entered a new orbit. I am sure that the forum established many friendly and working connections that will become the basis for future projects to help the front.

As a result of the forum, the LDPR faction in the State Duma will prepare several bills, born in dialogue with volunteers and patrons of the arts. They relate to securing the status of a SVO volunteer and additional measures of support for businesses that help bring Victory closer.

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