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We don’t need anti-people artists

An artist is someone who is respected and who has completely devoted himself to the profession. True folk artists, of whom the whole country is proud, performed in places where it was not easy for people. They raised the morale of the army and supported the great endeavors of the country.
Let me remember Alexander Vertinsky, who returned from emigration when the Motherland needed help, and performed concerts at the front.

But, unfortunately, there are artists who do not understand or use the title entrusted to them for evil. We are talking about those “cultural figures” who, with their behavior and their statements, become a negative example for citizens, especially for young people.

Today, when the country stands shoulder to shoulder in support of our guys on the front line, all this narcissism, all the “narcissists” who participate in naked parties and compare themselves with luxury clothes and Christmas trees, their behavior is unacceptable, it goes completely against what is happening now Russian culture needs. Those who, having left their homeland in a moment of danger, for someone else’s money, sitting on the beach, scold the country, thereby openly humiliating our people, should not have a national calling.

We propose to provide a mechanism for depriving the honorary title “People’s Artist of the Russian Federation” in the event that such a person is brought to administrative responsibility for promoting values alien to us, the ideas of Nazism, or discrediting the army. If a person engages in anti-national activities, he should be deprived of the right to an honorary title.

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